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Website Updates, Communication and More

Updated: Feb 15

For 2024, we are working on a lot of updates and some slight tweaks to the 2024 season and the organization's communication. For example, we are working on ways to better utilize our website for communication and information about the season's schedule. We've highlighted a few of those changes so far below.

  1. We've added a Calendar page, where you can subscribe to our public Google calendar, so you can see game date changes as they happen, by either adding the calendar to your own calendar, or by checking out the calendar page on the website.

  2. We will also be using the Updates & News section of the site to communicate out game information as it comes out.

  3. Forms & Registration can all be done through the website, including payment. We also added a Volunteer Form.

Stay tuned for more updates as we consider feedback we received from the 2023 season and work to make it easier for parents and players to stay involved.

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