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Trinity Jr. Wolves

Mission Statement

Our mission as Trinity Youth Football and Cheer is to inspire youth and bring them closer together through the common interest in tackle football and cheer. We work to reinforce the principles of healthy living, respect for others, maintaining high moral and ethical standards; a sense of fair play, sportsmanship, discipline and teamwork. To learn the game/competition elements at a younger age to ensure future safety of players as they grow into higher competitions of tackle football and cheerleading.


Our Vision

The Trinity Youth Football and Cheer organization serves as a high school athletics preparatory program, and strives to cultivate positive community and youth involvement. The organization promotes the importance of success for youth athletes, in competition, in the home, and in the classroom. The lessons are designed to be far reaching. Specifically designed to help shape youth athletes to continue in methods for success academically, physically, and mentally; well into adulthood by deterring them from giving up, taking shortcuts, or making unethical decisions that can manifest.

All children and adult volunteers affiliated with the Trinity Youth Football and Cheer organization shall subscribe to transparency, honesty, and good sportsmanship.

2024 Season Registration Open!

The amazing thing about football is that after a while you become more than a team, you become brothers.

And out there on the field, BROTHERHOOD is a stronger force than an
y team.

- Ben Husband

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